Who are you and how many are you?

We are just very very ordinary clowns. We jump around in various groups of zero (0) line (–) hundred (100) at a time but there is endless amount of clowns indeed! We are not the most genious number-ninjas in galaxy so it is impossible to tell how many we are. We multiply exponentially whenever there is hatred somewhere around the galaxy. When necessary we gather together to show that what the world needs is joy, color and love, not gloomyness and dark minds.

What is your backround?

Sometimes our background is flowerish wallpaper, sometimes city streets or random ski trail, sometimes something in between or even something totally different. Clowns stand out very well from other wallflowers. We come in many kinds and are all-around clowns. We have always been like this, even though our understanding of time does not include possibilities such as always and never.

What is your ideology?

The world needs more joy, colour, love, popcorn, candy and cottoncandy! The clowns love all colors of the rainbow and hats with flowers on them. In clown patrol you don’t have to have a coloring book to prove that you are colorfool. We clown around for intergalactic peace, child-mindedness, open-minded and colourful streets and space. We turn grumpiness around, overpower murkiness and snap at those who use women’s rights as an excuse for their unloving, black’n’white thinking.

Do you only follow Soldiers of Odin or do you exist just for them?

We are to thank them for our fabulous name partly, but we like to believe that we have paid back that dept since we have had so much fun together! ❤ We are here to bring people joy, displace darkness and abolish anxiety. Clowns are widely needed because everyone has right to dance in the streets, to have joy and laughter.

Can you come to the city/happening X?

There are clowns everywhere. If you wish to have clowns in your happening or city, the answer might be closer than you think – inside you! There is a little, justice-defending clown inside all of us. You just need to wake it up in to action.

Why do you wear masks and have such funny names?

A clown has a clown’s visage and title. You can’t borrow anyone else’s face or name, can you? Red nose protects from nasty thingies. The funnier the better, so if you can choose your name, it’s good to choose the comical one. A clown is anyone and no-one – everyone can join!

How can I become a clown?

One cannot be “accepted” or “apply” to become a clown, but instead one wakes up to be one. If your inner clown is still sleeping, it’s time to wake up! Everyone can show their clownyness to the whole world! You just need an open mind, colourful clothes and a red nose. You can look for clown friends on the streets by whistling a whistle, blowing balloons, singing songs or spreading the word in social media,. If other clowns of your city are still sleeping, you can join in other activity for good cause. Clowns can gather without any fishnetworks or other institutions! Here is intergalactic invitation for all sleeping clown cells: