Clandestine clowns prance and patrol in Tampere, Finland

On Saturday night, 16th of January, a clandestine clown patrol marched on the streets of Tampere in an attempt to make the streets both safer and hilarious-er for all people.  

Loldiers of Odin showed the way with their jolly behavior as they bounced, leapt, crawled, cavorted, skipped and hopped through the city center. At the same time in town, there were sightings of members of another street patrol. Puffed-up pigeons, a hurrying hare, and blasted bar-goers were also seen in town that night. And some darling dogs.

Rumor has it that patrolling the streets is really trendy nowadays and it’s for the best of all people and animals alike, so we, too rounded up our own, bumbling and clumsy elite troops. However, while we were busy tumbling around and doing our somersaults, we realized that everyone was just laughing at us, the head secretary’s sub-assistant Klaara the Clown says. Klaara tells us that the clown patrol tried to save many maidens from distress during the night. – But for some reason the maidens did not really appreciate our heroics, Klaara says, puzzled.

The Loldiers of Odin clown patrol is not:
  • a curling team
  • a Center of Excellence in Research
  • a bunch of spoilsports (but we do germinate and sprout new ideas and forms of action)
  • national clowneists

Instead, we are the red noses and huge ears of the police, and we fill their boots with our extra toes. Our numbers vary from zero (0) to a hundred (100). We like to spend time by jogging together in silence and riding our hobby-horses. Our favorite colors are pink, orange, blue, pink, and green, but we will entertain and amuse everyone regardless of color. We also enjoy white things, such as snow, white-collar workers, white sharks, egg whites, A4-paper (although other sizes are fine, too), white whales, and vanilla ice cream.

We come uninvited, and we will be there when you least expect us. Loldiers of Odin is a formidable threat to apathy and dullness!


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